{Free as a cloud}

Cut off the embryo that fed me,
I smelled,
Crying with joy, shouting in surprise,
I was born free,
Living according to the days I became ..
Resistant to pyrrhonism of benches, seats,
I was traveling and becoming..
Reinventing in my mind countries,
these wanderings that made me see,
Clouds, stars, fields.
My freedom was not in the materials,
But in the materials of my mind ..
Wanting to follow me to the offices, to the unleashed,
I refused,
time traveler, nomad, peregrine.
It is only at the end of the path that thought is accomplished, at the end of the journey it is built …
You have to be free like a cloud to inspire the thoughts of the people you meet,
Learn from them and become,
So I was traveling
And I lived,
I also travel sometimes on my hands
And I write.

(c) Moustapha Chein


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