{ Just before happiness }


Just before happiness,

I could see that glow.

Just before happiness,
I looked and watched this splendor,
this horizon that you draw from your outline.

This horizon is our life, .
horizon of our diffraction,
our broken chips.

just before happiness, I watched,
and smelled our time,
The one where your candid look would wake up my senses,
would give me a heart,
I would learn to breathe, eat and draw.

For without this light I am defeated of myself,
I cast anchor and I cry!
From these binoculars I watch you, look at you,
your breathe.

Just before happiness you were hope and I was nothing,
you were danger, watercolor, happiness
I was wash,
but empty of your colors,
until you dump on my pen
and that I explode
in gouache, canvas, water, oil.

Just before happiness you painted me,
and I was nothing,
you gave me birth and you threw me.
I continued to watch you, scrutinize, sniff
and in my thoughts you slept..

Just before happiness you were me
and I was fine,
Just before happiness I was born,
and with you happiness is calmed..
Just before happiness

(c) Moustapha Chein



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